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elders having fun with memomove

Benefits of Memomove for the elderly

health improvement

Meaningfull Physicall activation 

"Memomove significantly increases the motivation of the eldery to remain physically active.


The freedom to freely choose routes and navigate the world was the determining factor to boost motivation, willingness to continue physical activity and boost future participation"

Source: Study MSc Thesis Pieterjan Deprest and Yoran Ackermans (University of Leuven, Department of Movement Sciences),

By making it a sociable, and enjoyable experience, Memomove activates the elderly in a safe and fun way, resulting in increased physical condition, improved bloodflow, overall wellbeeing and most importantly boosted cognitive capacity.

brain map

Improved cognitive abilities

Through our safe and easy to use platform, memomove improves the cognitive state of it's users. 

Excercise is one of the most important means to improve cognitive function.  Unfortunately excercising outside isn't an option for the elderly constrained to their carehome. 

Excercise in house is tedious and mostly considered a forced activity. 

However At Memomove we couple the means to excercise with the possibility to cycle anywhere in the world safely through our platform linked to google street view. 

This leads to specially made routes easily custom made for the elderly sitting behind the excercise machine. 

These elderly, mostly sitting together in group, then cycle past Old haunts. Their former house, the places they used to go shopping, or where friends used to live.  They get the chance to pause, and really look and reminisce about places they inherently know they will never see again. 

This powerfull tool, triggers the long-term memory. Excercising neural pathways, that have not been used in a long time. 

The ultimate desired effect, is reached with both elderly with slight memoryloss, to even heavily demented patients, resulting in Improved cognitive ability and better care.

Breaking Social isolation

social interaction icon

Cycling through ones past, creates meaningfull conversations. 

By allowing one of your elderly care patients to cycle using the Memomove platform, they reminice about their old lives and memories. This creates spontanious, honest and  meaningfull conversations between both caregiver and other care patients. 

Memomove effectively breaks the social isolation, by letting the elderly share their memories with each other and with you. Creating powerfull bonds and improved social interaction.

Group of Road Bikers


Autonomy & Self-determination

Because of the easy install, easy to use hardware and software, the elderly does not need a lot or any help or support while using Memomove. 

The free cycling allows to the elderly person to self-determinate where to go, giving a certain independence and therefor freedom back to them, all the while beeing in a safe and nurturing environment.

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