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Hello, Memomove START Plan 

Everything you need. Sign in online and go

Everything you need  for one-to one care 

Single sign-on

With Start, you have a single user acces to the Memomove platform from any type of screen. Laptop, PC, tablet. Just log-in online. Perfect for treatment one to one treatment, on the go.

200+ preset routes

Acces to over 200 premade routes. from Tour de france and popular destinations, to popular routes shared by other Memomove users

Create own routes

Create and save as many personalised routes for the elderly in your care. Or have them make it themselves, intuitive and easy. Cycle up to 50 minutes per month with START

Hardware optional

The Memomove Start plan, allows for the choice of using our hardware. You can sign on via webbrowser and use "TAXIMODE" or you can use a tablet of your own. 

50 minutes as credits per month

Included in the Start plan are 50 minutes as credits to cycle, renewed every month. Not enough? buy extra credits or upgrade anytime. Get the Memomove Hardware and save routes with your credits

24/7 chatsupport

Have questions? We are there for you with our intuitive and easy to use chatplatform. 


With START, there is no need for extra hardware. Simply log on to the webbrowser version of the platform, select or create a route to cycle, and start. 

By turning on "TAXIMODE" you can move forward without the movementsensor or connection to our Memomove tablet.

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