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Virtual cycling app for the elderly

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Memomove Benefits

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From light forgetfulness to extreme dementia, Memomove helps the eldery activate long-term memory by letting them cycle freely through their old neighbourhood.

health improvement

By regularly using Memomove, we see an overall improvement of health in a fun, dynamic and interactive way

social interaction

Cycling through one's past is a powerful conversation starter. Memomove has proven to be an effective tool to break through an eldery individual's social isolation


Cycle through your past:
anytime, anywhere

Anywhere in the virtual world

Safely, from everywhere in the world

Our platform is based on Google street view. This means that all routes are possible, anywhere in the virtual world, where google has streetview. Let your residents cycle their old neighborhoods, and see what happens! Or have them cycle in places they have never experienced before. 

memomove sensor

Use Memomove anywhere in the world, at anytime. you only need WIFI or 4G/5G and you are ready to go! Let your elderly residents experience the entirety of the world, safely from the comfort of their home or carefacility  

Easy to use and install

Our hardware, and platform are designed to be extremely user-friendly. Set up is quick, easy and intuitive. 

Flexible pricing, based on your needs

Choose which of our licenses work for your organisation. 1 user or many? Paid per month or pay per year, you choose. 

Our Offer

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Start now, and experience Memomove for free for 21 days!

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No hardware needed, just  login online, choose a route or create one, and go! 

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Create up to 5 users per organization and cycle freely over 15 countries! Hardware not included.

What professional caregivers are saying

Steven Thomas

Steven Thomas

Incredible, just incredible

Arjen De vries

Arjen De vries

The conversations I've heard start during a Memomove session, are just the most precious thing

Carine d'honds

Carine d'honds

We've had Memomove these past 2 years, and I can't imagine doing an ERGO-therapy session without it anymore

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