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* This License, supports, start & go. But it is recommended that you purchase a tablet with us, or one separately from the license. There is always a motion sensor included in this license. * When you purchase the hardware (at least the tablet), then you can create and SAVE routes. Meaning every route you cycle essentially becomes free of charge after the first time the credits (minutes) are subtracted from your monthly credits (50min per month). Thus making every subsequent use, essentially free of charge. Without the hardware, all routes are continuously paying. Therefor it is always recommended to purchase the tablet included or separately. * DOUBLE cycling time is always applicable, but most relevant, when hardware is purchased, to save (cache) routes for future free use. This is a yearly license agreement, with monthly installments. Please be aware that cancellation may incur fees. Cancellation should always be done 30 days before next payment is due.

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