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Memoride 2.0 has arrived!

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

With everything that is going on in the world, especially in the aging sector, we at Memoride have come to understand better than ever before, how important it is to keep improving our businessmodel, to in turn improve the quality of life for the elderly in carehomes. As such we have revised our strategy and have developed Memoride 2.0

More options, means more accessability

We have changed our business model to a more open platform. Organisations and users can now choose the package and pricing they need, and are comfortable with both financially and in terms of options. Start small, and scale up as your carehome grows, and confidence in our offer increases

Faster, easier and more convenient

Memoride 2.0 is focused on customer care and acquisition. In 3 easy steps you can be online, testing our platform before even thinking about purchasing a longterm license. Still not convinced, get a START license and pay per month, we'll take care of the rest

Interested to learn more? go to and find out everything there is to know!

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