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The PREMIUM Memomove license is a yearly subscription that can be paid monthly or per year.  

This License allows you to log on to the Memomove platform and use the Memomove software without limitations. 


Included in PREMIUM is the ability to add as many users under one organisation. This means that there can be unlimited simultanious users on one or multiple tablets under one license. 


The users are limited to the organisations amount of Kilometers per month. In this premium license the organisation gets 50km (equal to 150minutes) for creating personalised cycling routes. 


These routes that are created, become part of a database on the Memomove tablet. This means that the next month, these routes will still be available, and will NOT cost extra kilometers/credits. 


1.295,00 €Preis
Paid yearly - all hardware included
1.295,00 €jährlich bis zur Kündigung
Paid monthly - all hardware included
132,00 €monatlich für 12 Monate
    • Create unlimited Users, within one organisation
    • 50km (200 minutes) of creating personalised routes, every month
    • Use the Memomove Tablet, and save all your routes in a database, These routes are FREE to ride whenever you like, without using KM or credits after the first time. (only on MEMOMOVE TABLET)
    • All hardware included:
      • Samsung A10 tablet with native Memomove app
      • Bluetooth motionsensor
      • Wireless bluetooth connector to TV
      • Tablet holder
      • Easy and safe carrying bag
    • Free roam over 15 countries, just choose start position, and GO!
    • Create and save unlimited personalised routes per user
    • Choose and Cycle through, over 300 preset routes
    • Priority acces to group events and bi-weekly "live cycling days" 
    • 24/7 VIP telephone customer support 
    • 30m virtual face-to-face direct installation and activation assistanct
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